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ABOUT US: Soon to be rebranded as XFS


First and foremost, WE ARE A FAMILY of like minded individuals that prefer to put our carriers and partnerships first! We understand that we have a duty to strengthen our industry with integrity, best practices and the pursuit of solutions for each of our services. Our business world is ever expanding, but our ethics are non-negotiable. Cousins wants the right family of partners, to do the right job, every time.


We are an asset and logistic based company originating in Arizona. With more than 60 years of Transportation involvement and many more years of "life experience," we will affirm your direction. Our owners have experience in asset based solutions along with logistical planning and common sense. Our collaborative Associates have years of knowledge, great customer service and share the Company's desire to distribute more. Our Carriers and Drivers must contribute the same core values. 



WE HAVE THEM. The Cousins family is committed to developing, maintaining and improving our Customers and Associates. We believe that the only way to maintain excellence, is to provide exceptional knowledge through ethical practices. 



Cousins strive for truth, excellence and the American way; hard work, transparency and integrity. We understand that being honest is not for all, but we will remain forthright in our efforts to make our Industry better. 


Specializing in all aspects of supply chain management. We are a highly functioning service for small to large business customers. We prepare, create, complete and repeat logistical services for West Coast to East Coast moves; currently serving all lower 48 states with concentration South of the 40th parallel. When it comes to moving your product, nothing is "off," the table. We service a wide array of transportation. We are always looking to add to the Cousins family of customers and associates.


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